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Magtek is specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing solenoid and solenoid valve. Combining the advantage of own factory manufacturing and well-skilled R&D group, we are committing ourselves to provide the best solution for every clients. With the OEM/ODM experience in past 20 years, Magtek had accomplished the goal of vertically integrating the supply chain, and successfully launched over hundred types of solenoid and solenoid valve into mass production which are widely used in numerous fields all over the world.


Medical Industry

Respirator, ventilator, Oxygen concentrator, Oral irrigator, Surgical instrument,……Read More

Security System

Electric lock, Fire door, Turnstile, Overload protector, Breaker, Smart locker……Read More

Industrial Equipment

Various kinds of industrial equipment, Agricultural machinery, Mechanical parking device……Read More

Automotive Industry

Gearbox, Car engine, Transmission, Power Seat, Trunk lock controller……Read More

General Appliance

Scanner, Cashier, Vacuum cleaner, Air purifier, Coffee machine, Laundry machine……Read More


Elevator, MRT slide door, Control gate, Ticketing machine, Central control lock……Read More

Automation / AI Industry

Smart home appliance, Automatic equipment, Intelligent Warehousing……Read More

Industrial Sewing Machine

Automatic sewing machine parts (wire-drawing / wire-loosing / wire-cutting / presser lifter……)Read More

Customized design and solution
for myriad application and using condition

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