More the 50% of R&D group are very-skilled and staying in relevant field at least 10 years; about 10% of engineers are even very-well-experienced especially in electromagnet/valve design, and also quite familiar with the application for medical care, industrial, and security system.

From the very initial stage of product design, engineering team complete the EVT/DVT/PVT procedure through the scientific and systematic analysis; we do our best to shorten the new product development period with precise verification and professional risk evaluation.

Follow the protocol of DFMEA(Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) in initial stage, evaluate the possibility of leading-in mass production, provide detailed design & verification plan.

In early stage of product design, engineer team always follow DFMEA rule, systemically pre-identify the potential failure risk and their causes or effect, formulate the improving steps and corrective measurement; in this way, we could effectively avoid the risk of unexpected cost caused by poor design, and offer competitive products with stable quality.

Equipped with 2D & 3D operationg system, the engineering team could precisely set the component size, well simulate the product character, and provide the specific analysis result for client’s reference.

Prepare accurate engineering drawings with professional software for client to pre-evaluate the feasibility of new project, which also helps to speed up the new model launching progress and efficiently reduce the developing time and cost.


Based on client’s demand and production application, Magtek designs and provides customized test fixture, and incorporate them into 100% process control flow to ensure the product reliability.

Support by manufacturing department, Magtek designs and customized the test fixture to meet client’s demand and product application; we also include it into 100% manufacturing process control in order ensure the product reliability as well.


Do further analyzing for proper material, combining with local production method but optimizing the manufacturing process to stabilize quality and Improve price competitiveness at the same time.

Depends on client’s different application, Magtek evaluates and chooses suitable material and production skill to top-up the product value and competitiveness at the same time of satisfying the product function and character.


Using the protocol of PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to analyze the mass production procedure. Effectively optimize the manufacturing procedure and product design to strengthen client’s satisfaction

During the manufacturing and assembly period, we follow the rule of PFMEA to verify the result of DFMEA stage, specifically identify the possible risk of process defect and minimize the potential problem for mass production.


Carry out with the concept of project management, R&D team leads the entire throughout the whole project from initial design, sample preparing, till production verification.

R&D department handle every each new model development with project management mode. From the very beginning of new case, we consider the using condition to analyze the suitable material, prepare the engineering drawings for dimension and parameter confirmation before sampling; trying our best to minimize the time waste and accelerate the timetable of launching new product.

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