Holding (Customized Design)

Fundamental of holding-typed electromagnet is to rapidly change the magnet field by controlling the current that passing through coil. After energizing, the magnet field will concentrated in the center of plunger, but other areas won’t actually generate any magnet force.
Differ from the permanent magnet, you could turn-on or turn-off the magnet field at will by controlling the current status of holding-typed electromagnet.

Under the energized status, the electromagnet could automatically generate a strong suction (Holding Force). With the features of reliable, easy controlling, and energy saving, it perfectly fit some application such as fire-proof-door releasing, MRI & X-ray bed-locking mechanism, automated distribution in stream line, sorting machine, clutch parts, or some other “locking / releasing designs”.


  1. Keep the adsorbed side as flat as possible, and ensure the adsorbed area is larger than electromagnet’s suction surface.
  2. Definition of “holding force”: the generated suction-force that appearing after emerging and metal adsorbed side connecting electromagnet surface.

Based on client’s required dimension and specification, we provide customized design.

Rated Voltage Coil Power Insulation Class Environmental Temp Connector Type Waterproof Level
Special volt on request
Power on request Class F -20°C~+40°C Lead wire / Terminal Up to IP65

Quality control

Holding-typed electromagnets are frequently used in elevator or breaker of parking equipment. Holding force will be affected by surface flatness, smoothness, or even the thickness of electro-plating. Except to control the quality and accuracy of incoming materials, Magtek also considers the different using condition and manufacturing process, customized relevant test fixture, incorporate the range of holding force and releasing current into standard inspection in stream line.

100% of inspection for holding force through customized fixture

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