Magtek’s various solenoids can be found in the field of famous brand in home appliance products. The solenoid is the core and key part of driving / controlling or fastening appliances. Also it needs to respond accurately within the specifications. Our engineer team customizes and decides specifications according to the customer's structural design, electrical requirements and using applications. In the meantime, they use forgings technology instead of lathes, assisting customers to improve product’s competitiveness in the market.


Application for various types of consumer products

√ Wet / Dry vacuum cleaners; support client's requirements for high insulation and pressure resistance, high strength of structure and anti-seismic.

√ Oven / Refrigerator

√ Washing machine (IP65)

√ Electric roll-up door

√ Air conditioner, Refrigerant valve

√ Audio

√ Commercial coffee machine, suitable for high temperature and rust resistance

√ Various types of smart appliance

General Product Application

Harsh Environment

Through some special design to Improve the product adaptability for heat , pressure, speed, humidity, corrosion resist… etc.

High Performance

Strictly control the part tolerances and assembly process to raise the accuracy of electromagnet and solenoid valve; efficiently reduce the consumption and level up the performance.

Suitable Material

Based on client’s application, target price, and our production experiences, we choose the most proper materials to efficiently reduce the Hysteresis effect and unnecessary cost.

Customized and Flexible Design

Depends on specific using condition, we provide technical consult for client’s further evaluation. Overall consider material character, solenoid mechanism, coil parameter, optional accessories… etc., we propose the best solution to achieve maximum product efficiency with the lowest budget.

Product Reliability

With customized test fixture and high precision equipment, we use industrial computer to analyze the inspection result, repeatedly verify the product characteristics and accuracy, to level up the product reliability.


Relying on the special reinforced structure and production process, Magtek provides customized electromagnet and solenoid with extreme high strength and great durability.

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