Magtek fully integrates materials and manufacturing processes into digital management through systematic production management. Also we regularly analyze relevant data and continue to work on quality improvement.

  • Formulation of production plans, control of production progress, and ensure order delivery.
  • Materials arrangements by contract order, and linked with customer’s order systems to provide flexible production schedules and delivery dates.
  • QC engineering table provides systematic quality control.
  • Operation instructions with schematics, limit samples, etc., to explain the operation procedures in detail.
  • Customized production and fixtures to improve product stability.
  • Standardized inspection procedures for incoming materials, specific components are fully inspected for features / functions. (IQC)
  • Process inspection. (IPQC)
  • Semi-finished product inspection process. (PQC)
  • Finished product inspection process. (FQC)
  • Customized fixture / machine to ensure high reliability of inspection results.
  • Relevant personnel are regularly trained according to their competence.
  • The management team conducts regular cross-department meetings to review the production processes of each model, evaluate potential risks or solutions, and optimize existing operating processes.

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