Magtek’s main products are electromagnet and solenoid valve. We widely use various equipment (automatic production device / inspection instrument / processing machine / functional and lifespan tester) to keep the price benefit ad best production efficiency; in this way, we could easily well-control the product quality, shorten the lead time, and support the idea of customized design and product diversity at the same time. In addition, we’ve also gradually transformed some traditional process into automated management and production.

Winding process

Currently, there are over 30 sets of winding machines includes single-shaft type and multi-shaft type, suitable for wide range diameter counts from 0.035mm to 1.5mm at least. Magtek produces variety of coils for all our electromagnet and solenoid valve under strictly inner control, and the maximum monthly capacity could even go beyond 300K.

Injection Process

Various plastic material have different shrinkage rate which would leads to high variability in the size of parts. In order to improve the precision of plastic parts, Magtek insists to produce more than 80% of key plastic accessories on our own, so far it actually includes the bobbin, connection rod, moving plate, some special connectors use for solenoid valve.


Encapsulation Process

Both vertical and horizontal injection machines are available addressed in our facility now; all the encapsulation coils and dust cover are internally manufactured that specially designed as client application and demand. Except the general plastic material, we’ve also prepared a cryogenic storage warehouse for some special material like BMC & Epoxy. (BMC under 16°C / Epoxy under 4°C) In response to various kinds of application and demand, Magtek provides several degrees of encapsulation process to support different Ingress Protection Rating. (E.g.: IP65 / IP68)

Stream Line Assembly & Inspection

More than 80% launched models were specifically customized spec. or modified from standard items. As the standard operating procedure, “coil resistance / Dielectric strength test / surge test” are always included in the major inspection list in production line. For some customized models that used for certain application, we will also arrange the critical dimensions inspection or specific function test into 100% process inspection flow.

After certain model is stepping into the mass production procedure, we will establishe the different process management table for each different model. We set different inspection standard and frequency for different process, and the inspection is in-timed carried out station by station to lower the defect rate and increase the productivity.

Automatic and Computerized Test. Level up the quality management by digital analysis and inspection.

Electromagnet always plays a crucial role in most of the application; some of our clients are from high-tech medical industry or heavy industrial field, which means product’s stability, reliability, and precision are definitely the highest priority we care about. Before every shipment, Magtek’s will make sure all the products would be 100% passed the computerized inspection or cycling reliability test, sometimes will also simulate customer’s actually using condition, specifically design the test fixture or measuring instrument by using load detection or electrical character test; in this way, we include the relevant categories into the 100% process testing and also save the test data in QR code label or barcode for the purpose of product traceability.

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