Magtek was founded in 2001, and then we build our own Shenzhen factory in 2005. Combining the advantages of Mainland China and Taiwan, we commit our self to provide all-round solution by taking care of everything from product design input, structural design, tooling development, process management, quality control, final assembly, and function test… etc.

All the core members and supervisors have over 20 years experiences in solenoid and relevant territories; and hundreds of models were successfully launched for mass production already. Magtek’s product range had broadly to open frame / Tubular / Push-Pull / Holding / Latching / Rotary… etc., and also lots of solenoid valves are available for client’s numerous applications. Excepting the standard specification, all the product parameters are able to be adjusted, customized, or even specifically brand-new-designed.

Not just satisfying with great design and production, Magtek goes further to integrate the supplier chains of plastic injection / punch / lathe / milling / plating / surface treatment, now successfully becomes a manufacturer with the ability of vertically-integration. Our product could easily match the real application demand and go deeply into market requirement by having the low-cost advantage, well-skilled design experiences, and cross-operating model with certain qualified suppliers.

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