Magtek's solenoids include types of Open Frame / Tubular / Holding / Latching / Push-Pull / Rotary, etc. Customers have alternatives for total hundred kinds of standard products. At present, more than 80% of the solenoids and solenoid valves in the volume products are customized or standard product modifications based on customer using conditions or product applications. These include a number of ODM projects applied to various types of ODM projects for various access control and security protection systems. Products are passed by customer’s testing and verification, and provide low energy consumption and energy-saving design, fast action response, special structure reinforced design of high impact resistant and special, harsh environment requirements. Also we cooperate with customers who are well-known manufacturers in various fields in domestic and abroad.


Smart Cabinet / Security Box / ATM (Cash Machine)

√ Depends on client’s equipment structure and electrical demand, we provide special specification such as extremely high structural strength and other customized design.

√ Optional choices of additional accessories (micro-switch / digital sensor) to satisfy client’s different demand.

Various kinds of electronic locker

√ Hundred types of solenoids (Open Frame / Tubular / Latching / Magnet / Rotary) available for selection.

√ According to different application, we provide customized designs. (High holding force / Great reliability / Low power consumption)

Security System

Harsh Environment

Through some special design to Improve the product adaptability for heat , pressure, speed, humidity, corrosion… etc.

High Performance

Strictly control the part tolerances and assembly process to raise the accuracy of electromagnet and solenoid valve; efficiently reduce the consumption and level up the performance.

Suitable Material

Based on client’s demand and target price plus our production experiences, we choose the most proper materials to increase the product competitiveness.

Customized and Flexible Design

Depends on specific using condition, we provide technical advice for client’s further evaluation. Overall consider material character, solenoid mechanism, coil parameter, product cost, target price… etc., we propose the most suitable design for client’s reference.

Product Reliability

Via customized test fixture and high precision equipment, we offer data-based verification report to analyze and enhance the product reliability.

Computer-Automated Inspection

All products must pass the computer-automated inspection and digitized process control before shipment. In this way, we could indeed raise the product reliability and stability.

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