You can always find Magtek’s electromagnet and solenoid valves from various kinds of transportation equipment. Our products are widely used in automatic door lock of European Tram-Train, lock of mechanical parking equipment, induction control device of gate in parking lot, and elevator breaker… etc. The trustworthiness of transportation equipment is definitely a matter of life and death; comparing with other application, there’s even much higher requirement for transportation equipment’s safety and reliability. Magtek had successfully completed many ODM projects which were used in myriad transportation equipment; we’ve also worked closely with lots of world-well-known manufacturers and passed critical-safety-test from some different laboratories; with the verifying and approval, many models are formally launched into mass production now.


Magtek had won the award of annually best supplier, and many different models of electromagnet were approved by world-well-known manufacturers

√ Digital measurement and high controllability

√ Comply with the requirement of high holding force

√ High efficiency and low energy consumption

√ Excellent mechanical strength

√ Optimized design for miniature size


Harsh Environment

Through some special design to Improve the product adaptability for heat , pressure, speed, humidity, corrosion resist… etc.

High Performance

Control the strict part tolerances and assembly process to raise the accuracy of electromagnet and solenoid valve; efficiently reduce the consumption and level up the performance.

Suitable Material

Based on client’s application, target price, and our production experiences, we choose the most proper materials to efficiently reduce the Hysteresis effect and unnecessary cost.

Customized and Flexible Design

Depends on specific using condition, we provide technical advice for client’s further evaluation. Overall consider material character, solenoid mechanism, coil parameter, optional accessories… etc., we propose the best solution to achieve maximum product efficiency with the lowest budget.

Product Reliability

With customized test fixture and high precision equipment, we use industrial computer to analyze the inspection result, repeatedly verify the product characteristics and accuracy, to level up the product reliability.


Relying on the special reinforced structure and production process, Magtek provides customized electromagnet and solenoid with extreme high strength and great durability.

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