Product Guide

From general home appliance, light/heavy industry, various security system, to the emerging technology of artificial intelligence, electromagnet and solenoid valve always plays an very essential role in our daily life. With the product diversity and flexibility, Magtek could offer customized parameter for different application and then satisfy the myriad client’s demand.

Just because of the extremely wide usage, there are actually no perfect “standard item” could be suitable for all kinds of situations; therefore, how to choose a most fitting specification is always an crucial topic.

How to choose

About the electromagnet dimension:

Identify the available space (length / width / height) to ensure the electromagnet could be properly arranged into the mechanical structure.

About the action types:

Considering of the moving direction, electromagnet could generally be divided into "Push", "Pull", and "Rotary". Client needs to think about the real using condition, decided if return spring is necessary between energized and de-energized status.

About the stroke:

Usually the max. stroke range would depend on electromagnet’s body size. We suggest the client could consider the mechanism design and real application, pre-estimate the proper stroke before inquiry.

About the power supply and duty cycle:

What’s the type of power? (DC / AC / Battery)
Are there any limitations on current flow?
What’s the max. power-on time?

About the Force demand:

We suggest client to evaluate the real using condition, initially figure out the needed force; then we could put it into consideration and offer a better design with suitable coil parameter.

Environmental factor:

The coil will be heated in energized period. The higher temperature coil has, the lower driving force the coil could generate. The upper-limited working temperature actually depends on insulation system. For certain application, electromagnet is used in higher temperature environment which will lower the allowable temperature raise range and also reduce the providing driving force. Therefore, correctly define the working environment is an essential job during designing stage.

Something about Temperature / Humidity / Dust:

In some special environment and using condition, the electromagnet are designed to be suitable for extreme environment, protect the coil from any kinds of corrosion and also ensure the coil function won’t be affected by temperature and humidity. Some high level electromagnet are specifically designed to avoid damage and pollution from dust. For sure the relevant cost will be driving up for extra protection purpose; therefore, it’s helpful to provide the most cost-effective solution if client could pre-identify the using level of temperature, humidity, and dusty status.

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