Magtek has experiences for different fields of development, design and manufacture for many years. Based on the structure of a complete industry and vertical separation, we cooperate with engineers from all over the world. Our solenoids include Open Frame / Tubular / Holding / Latching / Push-pull / Rotary... etc. Also customers have alternatives for total hundred kinds of standard products in DC and AC coils.

The main strength of Magtek is to provide customized solutions for customers. At present, more than 50 kinds of customized solenoid valves have been introduced into mass production. Customer products are widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, industrial equipment, medical equipment and automatic water heaters, etc. Solenoid valves include types of air valve, water valve, gas valve, refrigerant valve, and also contain DC and AC coils for customers' reference.

Presently more than 80% of solenoids and solenoid valves in the volume products are customized designs or standard product modifications based on customer using conditions or applications. Products are widely used in different fields of various industries.


Suitable for all types of electronic controlled of safety locks, home appliances, elevator brakes, vending machines, gates, circuit breakers, safes, smart cabinets, etc.

Solenoid valves

For air valve, water valve, oil valve, gas valve, refrigerant valve, they are suitable for all kinds of industrial automation equipment, medical respirators, automotive industry, commercial coffee machines, etc.

Successful cases

7mm miniature valve which is suitable for mobile devices

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