Quality Control System

Quality Target

Magtek comprehensively introduces TQM (Total Quality Management) into organization, and implements our quality concept & core values through the following points; try our best to offer the product and service beyond expectations.

1.In respond to the trend of green earth, Magtek activated a whole series of environmental protection policy since 2003, and implement the idea of eco-friendly into company operation and policy.

2.Establish and implement HSF (Hazardous Substances Free) management, gradually reduce the using of forbidden materials. Not only comply with legal regulations but also educate all employees to have the green product awareness, and continue to improve the HSF management system.

3.Strictly follow the rule of quality target:
- Customer satisfaction ≧ 83 points
- Process qualification rate > 95%
- Rate of complain and reject ≦0.5%
- Defect rate of HSF material: 0%
- Process defect rate: 0%
- Rate of qualified deliver product: 100%

4.Apply the concept of normal distribution in statistics, using equipment and quality skill to do analyze the key dimensions and product characters to improve the manufacturing process.

5.Magtek always keeps us updated in response to trend of market and environmental regulation, acquired ISO9001 quality certificate and IECQ QC080000 management accreditation. Furthermore, we’ve also led in TS16949 & ISO13485 for automobile industry and medical care.

6.Continuously reviewing and optimizing the manufacturing / control process, Magtek treat “good-and-stable quality” as one of our uncompromised goal. We efficiently scheme for the plan of equipment upgrading and never stop the footstep of improving.

7.Magtek believes that client’s satisfaction is the cornerstone of enterprise’s sustainable operation, always take client’s demand as our first priority; we hold the consistent attitude to provide professional service to satisfy all our client.

8.Non-stop of specialized inner training; we try our best to enhance the frequency of sharing, communicating, learning inside the company to raise the overall competitiveness.


Supplier Management

  1. Selection
    - Comply with our Conflict Minerals Statement
    - Materials confirms RoHS certificate
    - With great reputation and stable quality
    - High integrity, tax qualification in line with national tax laws
  2. Review
    - Register for the qualified RoHS supplier
    - Inspect and record all the supplied material
    - Regularly review and evaluate on site
  3. Assessment
    - Quality evaluation (Defective Rate/Analyze client’s feedback)
    - Skill evaluation (Product accuracy)
    - Procurement evaluation (Cost-benefit Analysis)
    - Green Energy / Human Right
    (Was the product manufactured with green policy? Does the raw material sources come from the area with humanitarian considerations?)

Supplier Management

Inspection, Testing, and Verification

Electromagnet usually plays a key role in application. Except the rigorous process management and automatic-reliable tester, Magtek also insists the strict inspection flow to ensure the product quality before every shipment.

    Material Inspection
  • Use various types of measurement tools and equipment to strictly control the quality of supplied materials.
  • With systematic procedure and standard for material inspection.
  • Regularly analyze and evaluate supplier’s performance.
    Process Inspection
  • Clearly identify the inspection details, ways, and frequency for every stage of production.
  • Standard inspection at least includes: First article inspection, process inspection, Tin furnace temperature, Streamline inspection… etc. It’s necessary to plus extra inspection items for certain customized models.
    Finished Product Test
  • Follows the AQL sampling standard to run the relevant test with different high-precision equipment. Provide detailed digital test report or batched CPK result for client’s reference.
    Maintenance & Calibration for equipment of production and inspection
  • Register all equipment / fixture / tooling for regularly maintenances and calibration. Keep the relevant records for further review.
  • Magtek continuously invests high-leveled instruments (Pull-in Force Tester / 3D Projection Tester / Automatic Life Tester / Reaction Speed Tester / Salt-Spray Tester) for various reliable tests.
    Client’s Feedback
  • Follow 8D procedure to process defective items or client’s complain; clarify the root cause abnormality, systematically analyze and work out the countermeasure, to provide final solution.
  • Continuously optimizing the product even after the whole 8D procedure, following up the subsequent using status.
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