Solenoid Valve

Magtek has experiences in the development, design and manufacture of solenoid valves in different fields for many years. The product includes air valves, water valves and oil valves. Based on customer product’s application, we customize coils, optimized insulation, and design with waterproof and dustproof materials. We provide solutions to reach the requirements of low power for mobile valves, high flow and high pressure in airtightness of industrial equipment, or the harsh conditions of use in the automotive industry. At the same time, our products have been approved by international manufacturers and applied in high-end industries, our factory also continuously improve the management system. For different industrial applications, we have applied for IATF169494 automotive certification, ISO13484 medical certification and AS9100 & AS910 aviation certification.

Numerous Global certification

ISO 9001:2015

IECO QC080000:2012RoHS compliance

IATFI6949:2016 for automotive

ISO13485:2016 for medical

AS9100 & AS9102 for aircraft

Air Valve

Automation Control

Medical Equipment

Gas Control

Robotic arm

Miniature Valve

Automation Control


Medical Diagnostic Analyzer

Hosiery Machine(lifespan > 100 million)

Industrial Sewing Machine

Oil Valve

Car engine control

Gearbox Controller

Injection Controller for Fuel Supply System

Gas Valve

Gas switch valve (conforms to EU regulations)

Smart Gas Meter

Refrigerant valve

Refrigerant Valve for Air Conditioning Compressor (materials are suitable for R32 & R454B refrigerant)

Water valve

Electric water heater

Coffee machine (material conforms to NSF 61 certification, passed salt spray 120-hour test and AS9102 certification)

Magtek Specific Quality Control

  1. Pipeline leakage and flow test
  2. The related functional tests including flow, internal & external leakage, starting voltage are included in the full manufacturing process inspection after all solenoid valves are finished assembly.

  3. Computer automatic full test
  4. Since customer products are used in high-end medical and industrial products, and solenoid valves in products usually play a key controlled element; therefore, to improve the product’s reliability and stability, high-precision products are 100% tested by computerized full inspection tests before leaving the factory. The testing includes measurement of leakage values, flow values, response speed, starting voltage, external leakage and other related functions. Also the test results are stored in the corresponding QR code label or barcode label for product tracking.

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