Successful Story

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, the innovative application industry is booming in the world. So many smart mobile devices, smart home appliances, smart factories, smart medical products and other products have developed. Traditional solenoids and solenoid valves are no longer applied to new industries. Magtek’s product provides the following advantages and have helped customers to develop a number of top selling products successfully, such as the first automatic lift system for off-road bicycle seats, 7mm miniature valves for portable oxygen generators, lightweight intelligent medicine cabinet, cost optimization, and so on.

  1. Product advantages: product is diversification, which with various types of solenoids and solenoid valves, providing customers total solutions.
  2. Product development advantages: independent research and development of multi-functional equipment and process technology.
  3. Service advantages: long-term cooperation with international manufacturers, and familiar with international trade operations and market regulations.

At the same time, most of the product costs have already determined the price level at the design stage. If measures are taken after the product is put into production, it will be limited by the original specifications, which is not only reduces the cost hardly, but also effectiveness is low for the product. Therefore, we require the R&D department that they should have cost awareness at the design stage, they have to control the quality, and design from the production process & materials to help customers reduce production costs and improve product efficiency, so as to have the best benefits of solenoids. This is our goal and business concept.

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